Jameh Mosque of Kashan

This mosque is the oldest historical structure in Kashan. Its only brick minaret is located in its southeastern corner. On the bottom part of the minaret, there is a kufic inscription made by embossed brick. On the inscription, it is mentioned the construction date of the minaret, which is 1074 AD. The minaret is the third oldest minaret in Iran, which has an inscription.


The large old mihrab of the mosque like minaret seems to belong to the Seljuq era. It has an exquisite stucco, on which there are verses from Quran about the virtue of Friday prayer. The plan of the mosque is simple. There is a howz in the courtyard in front of the iwan, which leads to the inner space of the dome and also two shabestans at grade of the courtyard and a winter shabestan below the surface of the courtyard.

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